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          Application of Medical Industry

          Product Category:Cooperation Case

          Product Name:Application of Medical Industry


          Application of Medical Industry

          Liquid nitrogen has been used early in the medical industry. The well-known liquid nitrogen is used for embryo preservation and frozen section. It is the most widely used and best refrigerant in the medical industry. In recent years, cryosurgery has also begun to develop rapidly, and has been first applied in the treatment of skin diseases and tumors. The principle of cryosurgery is to freeze harmful cells precisely through the ultra-low temperature characteristics of liquid nitrogen, so as to achieve therapeutic effect. A special branch of medicine has been formed: hypothermia medicine, which has promoted the development of transplantation medicine, especially the cryopreservation and transplantation of bone marrow, hematopoietic stem cells, skin, cornea, endocrine glands, blood vessels and valves.

          Xinfengli is an enterprise specializing in the development of liquid nitrogen equipment. It is willing to develop products with all users to promote the use of liquid nitrogen.

          Product:Application of Medical Industry