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How to improve the hardness of copper alloy?

Writer:XINFENGLI      Pubdate:2019-01-20

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Cryogenic treatment technology is a new technology to improve the performance of metal workpieces. The so-called cryogenic treatment is to use liquid nitrogen (-196 C) as the cooling medium to continue the cooling process of the quenched metal material, reaching a temperature far below room temperature, so as to further transform the retained austenite existing after conventional heat treatment into martensite which can harden and strengthen the steel, thus improving the properties of the metal material. After cryogenic treatment, the wear resistance, toughness and dimensional stability of metal tools can be obviously improved, and the service life of workpieces can be doubled.

The improvement effect of cryogenic treatment technology is to infiltrate into the internal part (overall effect), because it is not limited to the surface, so the re-grinding and reuse of the cutting tools will not invalidate the modification effect of the workpiece, and will not cause changes in the shape and size of the workpiece, but also enhance the dimensional stability and reduce the quenching stress; the process system is simple, electricity consumption is low, and not subject to work. The shape and size of the parts are limited, the operation is simple, without any environmental pollution, and it is a safe and environmentally friendly technology.

The emergence of cryogenic technology has attracted great attention of scientific research and industry. It has been applied to the modification of cutting tools, measuring tools, dies and precision parts abroad, such as oil nozzles of oil pumps, turbine shafts of engines, rolls, valves, gears and springs. The application of cryogenic modification technology has been paid more and more attention by enterprises, and it develops very rapidly. The experimental results and results obtained at present show that the cryogenic modification technology has gained great attention.

The cryogenic modification technology can be applied in the following aspects: 1. the increase of service life of high-speed steel tools, cutting tools and measuring tools; 2. the increase of service life of cemented carbide tools and cutting tools; 3. the increase of service life of cemented carbide bits and drilling tools; 4. the improvement of performance of diamond products, such as the improvement of thermal stability of synthetic diamond, synthetic diamond mining bits and diamond 1054;mm The performance of saw blade is improved; 5. The performance of anvil of diamond hot press is improved; 6. The dimension of assembly parts of precision machinery is stable; 7. The performance of carbon fiber filament is improved; 8. The service life of oil nozzle, spring, gear and bearing is increased; 9. The service life of hot working die and cold working die in mechanical manufacturing industry is increased. In the United States, the former Soviet Union, Japan and other countries, cryogenic technology is not only applied to high-speed steel, bearing steel and die steel to improve wear resistance, toughness and overall service life of materials, but also used cryogenic treatment technology to modify aluminum alloy, copper alloy, cemented carbide, plastics, rubber, asphalt, glass and so on. It also greatly improves uniformity and size. Inch stability, improved service life. Cryogenic box, cryogenic treatment, liquid nitrogen cryogenic box, ultra-cryogenic box, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic furnace, cryogenic treatment equipment, cryogenic assembly box, cryogenic assembly equipment, high and low temperature environment box.

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