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          Purpose of cryogenic treatment

          Writer:XINFENGLI      Pubdate:2019-01-20

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          According to the test requirements of the standard for the gas seal and pressure strength of cryogenic valves, combined with the 25 MPa high pressure gas pressurization technology, the gas seal test system designed and manufactured can not only test the cryogenic valves, but also be applied to the cryogenic valve gas seal test system, which is mainly used for the gas tightness test and pressure strength test of cryogenic valves.

          During the gas seal test, one or more test pieces are installed in the sealed container, and then high pressure gas is injected into the valve through the pressure system. The pressure drop is observed by the pressure-time curve in the software to test the gas seal performance, and the leakage of the valve can also be detected by helium mass spectrometer. After the test, the helium used for the test can be detected by the designed system. Recycling is helium recovery.

          Xinfengli cryogenic equipment not only provides cryogenic equipment for customers to test the internal and external leakage of valves, but also provides related one-stop service for customers. Cryogenic box, liquid nitrogen cryogenic box, ultra-cryogenic box, cryogenic equipment, cryogenic furnace, cryogenic treatment equipment, cryogenic assembly box, cryogenic assembly equipment, high and low temperature environment box.

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