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          Liquid Nitrogen Cabinet Ultra-low Temperature Treatment Equi

          Product Category:Liquid Nitrogen Cabinet Ultra-

          Product Name:Liquid Nitrogen Cabinet Ultra-low Temperature Treatment Equi


          Liquid Nitrogen Cabinet Ultra-low Temperature Treatment Equi

          Liquid Nitrogen Cabinet Ultra-low Temperature Treatment Equipment

          The XFL series programmable cryogenic treatment box is made of corrosion resistant SUS304 stainless steel. It has strong structure, beautiful appearance and safe operation. The equipment can realize full/semi-automatic programming for the process. It uses liquid nitrogen as refrigerant, vaporization and heat absorption of liquid nitrogen and low temperature nitrogen as heat absorption refrigeration. The temperature control accuracy is accurate, the cooling process is slow and uniform, which greatly reduces the impact of low temperature on the workpiece and avoids the risk of workpiece cracking.

          Modular combined cryogenic box is one of the cryogenic products developed in 2007. It is specially used for the cryogenic treatment of long rolls or large batches of irregular products. The equipment can be flexibly used according to the different processing specifications and quantities of customers. The whole large box can be divided into several small boxes according to the needs, and the separation operation is simple and reliable. If the customer processing capacity is relatively small, one or two small boxes can be opened for deep cooling. Each box has an independent circulating fan and liquid nitrogen control system, and can be restored as a whole in mass production or with long parts. In this way, the consumption of liquid nitrogen can be significantly reduced, and the production cost can be greatly reduced.

          The characteristics of Xinfengli liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank:

          1. The specific limit of low temperature, the lowest temperature up to - 196 degrees C, can greatly meet the requirements of cold assembly process.

          2. The new Zui temperature control system can set the required temperature parameters, cooling, quick freezing and holding time according to the process requirements, and has the function of process record and remote monitoring.

          3. The equipment adopts advanced liquid nitrogen dispersion technology and unique cold air circulation system to make full use of liquid nitrogen cooling energy, so that the workpiece can be cooled uniformly, steadily and rapidly.

          Xinfengli liquid nitrogen cryogenic equipment has been widely used in heat treatment industry, medicine industry, food industry and electronic industry; it is often used in deep cryogenic treatment, cryogenic separation and low metal fittings of moulds, blades, measuring tools, scissors, saw blades, oil Lei nozzles, micro motor shafts, golf ball heads, mobile phone accessories, computer touch screen, automobile bearings, rollers, cryogenic valves and other products. Warm assembly process.

          Product:Liquid Nitrogen Cabinet Ultra-low Temperature Treatment Equi