High and Low Temperature Test Box for Liquid Nitrogen

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Product Name:High and Low Temperature Test Box for Liquid Nitrogen


High and Low Temperature Test Box for Liquid Nitrogen

High and Low Temperature Test Box for Liquid Nitrogen

Technical parameters of equipment:

1. Composition of the box body:
U insulation box - including box body, upper door, insulation material AISI 304 stainless steel;
U inner surface roughness - matt;
U insulation material - insulation layer is a multi-layer composite structure of ultra-low temperature insulation material produced by Basf Company of Germany.
U cabinet door seal - double seals, imported from France, special low temperature resistant silicone rubber, door seals with anti-freeze heating system (unique in China), to ensure that the door opens freely.
U door opening mode - manual.
U box type wind direction circulating system in the box, including motor, fan and air distribution device, can ensure the uniformity of temperature in the equipment.
2.Technical parameters:
U Workpiece loading capacity - 80Kg;The effective size of
U box is 400 mm * 350 mm * 350 mm.
U working temperature - normal temperature + 200 ~ - 196 can be set at will;The lowest temperature in
U equipment - below - 196 (?)
U Maximum cooling rate --> 50 C/min;
Precision of
U temperature control - heating, cooling, constant temperature (+2 C);Uniformity of
U temperature field -+2 C;
U box door opening direction - upper open type;
U-box door sealing - special low temperature resistant material sealing device can ensure that the cabinet door opens freely.
U insulation layer thickness - 150 mm, to ensure that the equipment at high and low temperatures outside the surface temperature is normal temperature;
U liquid nitrogen system, including adiabatic pipe, control valve, nozzle and distributor, uses multi-point injection of liquid nitrogen to ensure the uniformity of well temperature.
U-box type air circulation system in the box body - including motor, fan, air distribution device;
U micro-pressure relief valve - when the chamber pressure is micro-positive, the valve will automatically discharge;
U heater - heating pipe, special stainless steel dry-baked heating pipe with high/low temperature resistance;
U electrical control system - variable program controller, touch screen, PLC, alarm instrument AC contactor, intermediate relay, knob switch, etc.

3. Installation parameters:
U power - 380V, 50Hz, 10A;
U equipment shape size - 1160 mm * 760 mm * 900 mm;
4. Composition of liquid nitrogen system
U liquid nitrogen system, including liquid nitrogen tank (customer self-provided or optional), pressurization system, adiabatic pipe, control valve, nozzle, distributor, uses multi-point injection of liquid nitrogen to ensure the uniformity of well temperature;
U liquid nitrogen solenoid valve - JAKSA (imported from Germany) ultra-low temperature solenoid valve can ensure the normal opening at - 196 C.
U liquid nitrogen nozzle - a liquid nitrogen nozzle consisting of hundreds of micro-holes, which fully gasifies liquid nitrogen. The gasified nitrogen sprays out from the nozzle and does not directly spray to the workpiece, but circulates in the box, so that the atmosphere in the box is even.
U Ultra-Low Temperature External Motor - In order to make the motor of the fan work in a suitable environment, the motor is set outside the freezer box, and its power is transmitted into the box through a specially designed lengthened transmission shaft.
Reasonable air distribution: In order to achieve a certain uniformity of the atmosphere in the box, and mainly consider the air flow mode, so that the air flow around the workpiece, the use of centrifugal fan;
5. Control System (American Technology):
The control mode of touch screen + PLC is adopted in this system. Touch screen or computer is used as the upper computer and PLC is the lower computer. It makes the operation and input curve more convenient, and can monitor the temperature change in the box in real time. It can also observe the operation of the curve and compare the set curve with the operation curve.

U is equipped with an alarm device to give an alarm when the door of the box is not closed.
The system has two sets of functions, manual and automatic. It can be embodied in touch screen. It is easy to operate and reliable. The high and low temperature control of the two systems are regulated by PID, so that the accuracy of the equipment meets the requirements of the tender.
U touch screen opens real-time view temperature curve, storage, copy preservation, improve the traceability of production.
U operating system - Chilled processing operating system; input cryogenic processing curve beforehand, no one operates after booting up, the system will automatically cool down, heat preservation, temperature rise and other actions according to the curve;
U control instrument - touch screen + PLC + instrument control mode;
U Touch Screen-Taiwan/Kunlun General State
U PLC - Mitsubishi, Japan;
U-Key switch - Japan IDEC (Hequan);
U control knob - Japan IDEC (Hequan);
U Intermediate Relay - Japan IDEC (Hequan);
U temperature sensor - PT100; (Germany)
U AC contactor - German SIEMENS (Siemens);
U air circuit breaker - SIEMENS (Siemens), Germany;
U liquid nitrogen solenoid valve - JAKSA (imported from Germany);
6. Advantages and characteristics compared with some domestic manufacturers:
U Insulation and Cold Bridge - Insulating boards are arranged inside the box for insulation.
U German ultra-low temperature insulation material adiabatic heat treatment;
U insulation effect and thickness - temperature resistance, flame retardant, Germany's ultra-low temperature insulation material multi-layer composite structure; using special treatment of multi-layer insulation material bonding using open operation, and can see the foaming situation with the naked eye, thermal insulation performance is good.
U box door opening and closing - using the deceleration motor device as a booster component to make the opening and closing of box door labor-saving and easy;
U control mode - the control mode of other manufacturers still uses temperature controller. The staff must memorize each parameter and change the curve is very troublesome. The control mode of touch screen + PLC adopted by our company can be simple and easy to understand. It is interfacial. It only takes a few minutes for the general staff to compile the curve.
7. Random quantities of essential goods, accessories and tools:
U automatic control box 1.
U stainless steel insulation hose;
U Qualification Certificate 1;
U Product Instructions 1.
U Equipment Maintenance Manual 1.
Fig. 1 of electrical principle of
U cryogenic box.
8. After-sales service:
U equipment is guaranteed for one year and maintained for life.
U Free equipment technical training for relevant personnel of the buyer.
U The warranty period is one year from the date when the installation equipment is completed and the final acceptance of the required party is qualified.
U Any problems arising during the warranty period (except for irresistible and human factors) shall be borne by the supplier and solved in time.
U If the equipment cannot be used normally due to quality reasons, the supplier shall come to the site for maintenance within 48 hours.

Product:High and Low Temperature Test Box for Liquid Nitrogen