Liquid Nitrogen Ultra-Low Temperature Assembly Equipment

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Liquid Nitrogen Ultra-Low Temperature Assembly Equipment

Liquid Nitrogen Ultra-Low Temperature Assembly Equipment

Conception of cryogenic separation: cryogenic separation is a new technology which uses ultra-low temperature to separate target components.

Xinfengli provides touch screen cryogenic separation equipment and a set of cryogenic separation process solutions for many electronic industry customers. In actual use, it has produced huge economic and social benefits for customers.

Characteristics of Xinfengli Touch Screen Deep Cold Separation (Removal) Equipment:

Xinfengli touch screen cryogenic separation equipment realizes programming full/semi-automatic control in the process of solid separation process. The equipment has accurate temperature control accuracy, slow and uniform cooling process. With liquid nitrogen as refrigerant, it uses liquid nitrogen vaporization heat absorption and cryogenic nitrogen heat absorption refrigeration to achieve glue failure characteristic temperature, thus realizing the purpose of touch screen separation.

Xinfengli Touch Screen cryogenic separation equipment is much more efficient than air compressor cryogenic separation.

The advantages of Xinfengli touch screen cryogenic separation equipment are as follows:

1. Low temperature with limit, the lowest temperature can reach - 196 C, which completely meets the failure temperature of glue characteristics.

2. The qualified rate of the splitting can reach 95%. The splitting efficiency of nearly 1,000 pieces in an hour can be achieved. After the splitting of the workpiece, the screen and the wiring are not damaged.

3. The cost is about 0.3 yuan per piece (7 inch touch screen consumption);

4. Intelligent control system can set the required temperature parameters, cooling speed and holding time according to the process requirements. It has the function of process recording and remote monitoring. It can effectively ensure the safety of operators in separation operation.

5. Advanced liquid nitrogen dispersion technology and unique cold air circulation system make the touch screen cool down quickly and evenly, and achieve the goal of efficient and non-destructive separation.

Technical parameters of conventional equipment:

Loading weight: 0-5000KG;

Effective loading: 50-3240L;

Working temperature: - 195 ~room temperature;

Precision of temperature control: soil 1 C;

Temperature uniformity: soil 3 C;

The cooling rate of empty container is 0-10 C/min.

The heating rate of empty box is 0-5 C/min.

Distribution specifications: 380V/50HZ or 220V/50 (optional);

一. Input Temperature
1. Cryogenic treatment should be carried out immediately after quenching and cooling of the workpiece to room temperature so as not to cause austenite thermal stabilization due to excessive residence time at room temperature.
2. The cold treatment temperature is generally - 60-80oC. The higher the content of carbon and alloy elements (mass fraction), the lower the Mf and the lower the cryogenic treatment temperature.

二. Cooling Method
1. The workpiece should not be directly put into the insulating coolant (e.g. the mixture of alcohol and dry ice), but be cooled in the cryogenic box filled with air
2. For the workpiece with complex shape and large size, the room temperature should be lowered to the treatment temperature with the equipment to prevent the workpiece from cracking.

三. Insulation time
1. Martensite transformation is mainly in the process of continuous cooling. When the single piece of cold treatment reaches the temperature, it can be discharged immediately after the transformation is completed.
2. When the quantity of furnace is large, in order to ensure that the core of the workpiece reaches the temperature of cold treatment, the temperature of cold treatment should be kept for 1-3 hours.

四. Temperature Rise
1. After the cold treatment, the workpiece is taken out of the cold treatment equipment and raised to room temperature in the air. The workpiece surface is frosted and coated with antirust oil in time.
2. Tempering cannot be done before reaching room temperature. Tempering should be done in time after reaching room temperature in order to prevent cracking.

五. Low Tempering:
The cold-treated workpiece should be tempered at 160-180 oC for 2 hours.

Product:Liquid Nitrogen Ultra-Low Temperature Assembly Equipment