Liquid nitrogen well cryogenic equipment

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Product Name:Liquid nitrogen well cryogenic equipment


Liquid nitrogen well cryogenic equipment

Liquid nitrogen well cryogenic equipment

Common indicators and configuration:
Use temperature: - 196 ~room temperature;

Equipment material: SUS304 stainless steel inside and outside, as new as ten years;
Temperature control accuracy: +1 C;
Temperature uniformity: +5 (+15 points);
Temperature rise and fall rate: 0-5 C/Min, empty box, adjustable;

Thickness of insulation layer: 200MM.
Pressure sensor: digital pressure transmitter, low temperature resistance;

Ultra-low temperature cryogenic equipment and process solution:

Xin Fengli not only provides cryogenic equipment for customers, but also customizes cryogenic equipment solutions and process solutions based on individual needs of each customer.

Xinfengli cryogenic treatment equipment is widely used in heat treatment industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and electronic industry.

Usually used for cryogenic treatment and cryogenic separation of moulds, knives, measuring tools, scissors, saw blades, oil pump nozzles, micro motor shafts, golf ball heads, mobile phones, computer touch screens, automobile bearings, rolls, cryogenic valves and other products.

And the low-temperature assembly process of metal parts.

In addition, there are also studies on cryogenic memory metals, ceramics, nylon, carbon fibers, ferrofluorone, vacuum contacts, electrodes, filaments, plastics and so on. I believe that with the development of science, cryogenic applications will become more and more widespread.

We can customize all kinds of non-standard furnaces according to customers'requirements. The company's products are constantly updated, if there is product improvement, you can visit the company's website or telephone consultation at any time!

Product:Liquid nitrogen well cryogenic equipment