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          Xinfengli (Beijing) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in quick-freezing equipment (main products: quick-freezing machine, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine, quick-freezing equipment, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment, refrigeration equipment, compressor refrigeration equipment, liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature cold storage, mechanical low-temperature cold storage). Its mechanical equipment involves food equipment, industrial equipment (ice-making machine, freeze-drying machine, nitrogen-making machine, hanging machine, low-temperature solid). We have many years of sales and experience in low temperature equipment and related products and services of food machinery and equipment.

          Relying on professional technology, honest operation, and the spirit of continuous innovation, the company has developed rapidly. At the same time, the company constantly summarizes and optimizes its customer service, and as always, its enthusiasm has won the high praise and favor of new and old customers.

          Xinfengli Company will tailor-made solutions for you to design the best cryogenic equipment system for you. We have provided various types of cryogenic equipment systems to all parts of the world and are ready to provide customers with technology. Optimized cryogenic refrigeration technology ensures continuous operation of cryogenic equipment without energy waste. Special alloy materials and patented processing technology are used. Compared with other brands of cryogenic refrigeration equipment, Xinfengli cryogenic equipment can save energy and ensure product quality under the same conditions of cryogenic refrigeration.